Wilderness Expedition Guide!

Club Penguin's new Expedition, the Wilderness Expedition, is here!  To begin, go to the Dock!
Now walk past the sign with the arrow on it!
Now you'll be at the start of the expedition!  And, there's a free item here!  Just walk up to the sign that reads "Free!" and you'll be able to pick up your FREE explorers hat!

Now, let's keep going!
:O It's another Club Penguin maze!  These mazes are SO fun!  I'm glad they brought it back!  But wait... what's with that hanging keyboard in the pathway?
Hmm.. Let's try taking the path with the mysterious hanging keyboard!

Hmm... Now there's a path with a weird green button!  Let's go that way!  (The way is UP!)
Now, go right!  There's a turning gear behind the tree, near the RIGHT path!
This time, the correct way is DOWN!  You can see a little red tool sticking out from the side of the rock!
Now, the correct way is LEFT!  You can see a green thing sticking out of the tree!
Now, go DOWN!  You can see a bit of a gear from under the tree!
Now, go to the right!! AND YOU'RE DONE THE MAZE!

Woah!  Now you have to repair some big contraption!  As you can see, there's a sign on the tree.. Hmmm...
First, you need to PLUG IN THE CORD by clicking on it!
Next, click on the coffee pot with beans in it!
Then, click on the little white spout UNDER the coffee beans.
Now, coffee will fall into the pot below the spout.
Click on the pot that the coffee falls into.
Now, coffee will fall into the big funnel, so it will fill up the barrel.  What you now need to do is click on the big green button!
Now, click on the pink sliding button!
Now, do the same one for the GREEN button.
Now, click on the round yellow button.
Now, click on the RED button, then the BLUE button, and then, finally, the PURPLE button!
Now, click on the blue lever! 
Now, click on the piano keys as they light up green, like the one in the image above!
Now, music will start coming out of the record player!
Now, click on the green button.
Now, click on all of the 6 squares!
Next, you need to click on both levers - First the purple one, then the blue one!
Then, you need to click on the wheel to turn it!
Now click on the string with the pinkish handle to pull it!
Now, you need to click on the big bottle of hot sauce to pour it into the big tube!
Now, click on the big tube of water!
Now click on the vent thing!
Now, click on the toaster!
Finally, you need to throw a few snowballs at the target!  A barrel will come up, and you now need to walk into it!
Walk into it and you'll be on another part of the land!

First off, there's another item, for only 50 coins!  It's a Life Jacket!
All you need to do is click on the note on the table!

Now, let's build the boat!  But, if you click on the note that is sitting with the pieces, it says we need to wear the life jacket!  Ok, so, put on your Life Jackets, penguins!  To put on pieces, just click on them, and then click the boat!
The first two parts that you need to put on are the two sides!  
Now you need to add on the wheel!
Now, add the green bucket!
Now add in the two engine parts!  We're almost done!
Now, add the last 4 parts.  The big poll goes on the green bucket, and the steering wheel goes in front of that. Then, the sail goes on top of the poll, and finally, the other wheel goes on the other side!  Now, walk into the boat and you'll sail away!

Now, go into the cave!

You are now in the Brown Puffle's Cave!  There are lots of inventions which look very complicated - All made by the Brown Puffle!  Do you think the Brown Puffles will help Gary and the EPF defeat the Ultimate Probot and Herbert?  I think so!
Now, click on the note in this picture:
Now, this note will come up and you can adopt your FREE Brown Puffle!
Now select "ADOPT" and you can choose a name!
Enter a name for your puffle and you can now have him!  He will be inside your igloo!

Congratulations!  You have now completed the Wilderness Expedition! 

In my opinion, this is one of the best things that has been on Club Penguin in a LONG time!  Let me know your opinions by commenting!

UPDATE: Do you find that guide too confusing?  Watch this video!


Zoeyuluv said...

On the last part of the forest u put left instead on right

Fuzzy ShyIvy said...

This helped a LOT! I named my brown puffle Buddy! I think brown puffles are really cool!

Zoeyuluv said...

I think this IS the best thing Club Penguin has ever done! It's exciting, fun and challenging. Best thing ever!

Anonymous said...

its awesome! I love it! Slidoo, what did you name your puffle? I named mine Stormy. No typical reason... :]

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