Club Penguin Times Issue 275

June17 here! A new newspaper has just been delivered in for the week. This week, the topics are: The discovery of the Brown Puffle and some helpful tips for new explorers from Gary!

At the end of the Wilderness Expedition, came a very amazing surprise. THE BROWN PUFFLE! Brown puffles appear to be very smart and good at making machines. Right now, you can only adopt one brown puffle. Penguins are hoping that puffle experts can round up brown puffles for the Pet Shop. For now, Brown Puffles can only be adopted at the Cave, so get on over to the get your very own brown puffle!
The Wilderness has been filled with many surprises. From the machine thing on the Cliff to the Brown Puffles. Gary was kind enough to give some tips on how to solve the machine thing. One tip is that the controls are from left to right and another is that you click on anything and see what happens.Now here are the upcoming events:
Jan. 28: Penguins That Time Forgot at the Stage

Jan. 30: Expedition Ends

Feb. 1: Paychecks

Feb. 4: New Penguin Style

Well that`s it!


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