Club Penguin Issue #273

June17 here! It's Thursday, which a new newspaper is out! This week's topics are on the EPF and a new expedition coming later this month.

As of now, the whole CP island knows about the EPF watching and protecting us...which is not a surprise! :P An anonymous source proved the existence of the EPF! If you scroll over that EPF word (check Slidoo's post before this one), a TOP SECRET message comes from the Directer! He says that "anonymous source" was not a EPF agent. He says there will be a new communication app ready on January 10!
Last year, there were two awesome expeditions, the Cave Expedition and Mountain Expedition. Now later this month, penguins will be expecting a whole new expedition. Many penguins don't know yet. Expedition will be announced next week!Now here are the upcoming events: Can't read it? Here they are:

Jan. 7: New Penguin Style Catalog

Jan. 14: New Snow and Sports Catalog, New Better Igloos Catalog and Expedition Announced

Well, that's it for this week's newspaper!

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