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Are you new to Club Penguin? Did you just open up your map for the first ever time? Were you more confused than you've ever been in your life? Because I know that's how I felt when I opened the map for the first time!

Luckily, I am here with a big guide on every room in Club Penguin! First, I'll start off with the rooms outside, that  you can access directly from your map!

The Town: The Town, which is usually the busiest room in Club Penguin, has 3 rooms inside it: the Coffee Shop, the Nightclub, and the Gift Shop. This room often has penguins dancing and yelling about a party in their igloo, or sometimes even asking for friends. It's a great place to hang out, especially if you're new to Club Penguin and want to meet new friends!

The Snow Forts:  The Snow Forts is a room with 2 big forts made out of snow. Penguin often come here with their buddies to have a friendly snowball fight. This room is also home to Club Penguin's clocktower, which tells the time to any penguin who hasn't bought a watch. The clock runs on Penguin Standard Time.

The Plaza: The Plaza, which is home to 3 rooms, the Pet Shop, the Pizza Parlour, and the Stage, is probably the second most popular room in Club Penguin. It's a great place to waddle around with your friends. From the Plaza, you can also go through the sidewalk (in a man hole) and be in the underground pool.
The Stadium: The Stadium, which also changes in the winter to the Ice Rink, is a room where you can play soccer with your friends! Or, if you're not the sporty type of penguin, you can sit on the sidelines and cheer on your favourite team! In this room, you can also purchase items from the Snow and Sports catalog.
The Dock: The Dock, one of the most boring rooms in Club Penguin, is actually very popular. It has an extremely large open space and big crowds fit in to the Dock easily. This room will often be full, especially on the server Sleet. The Dock is the home of the fun game, Hydro Hopper, which was originally called Ballistic Biscuit.
The Mine Shack:  The Mine Shack is a great place to be if you love the environment! It is home of the great big Community Tree, along with a big garden that you can water with your snowballs! From the Mine Shack, you can also enter the Recycling Room, which is a great place to spend your day if you're into recycling!
The Forest: The Forest , which was discovered in 2007, is a great place to spend with your friends. It is very peaceful part of the island and is great for those of you who enjoy spending time outdoors, or those of you who love nature. From the Forest you can access the Cove, Mine Shack, and Hidden Lake.
The Cove: The Cove is a fun place to relax! There's an open campfire where you can roast marshmallows, and tell ghost stories, as well as a surfing shop and a lake to surf on! You can surf by playing the game, Catching Waves! It is surrounded by trees, and has direct access to the Forest. It sure is a great place to be on a hot day!
The Dojo Courtyard:  The Dojo Courtyard, home of the Dojo and Ninja Dojo, sure is a very mysterious place! It's usually very quiet and peaceful... And it tends to have a lot of secret ninjas snooping around! The  Dojo Courtyard has direct access to the Dojo, and the Ninja Dojo, which both have games in them!


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