New Newspaper!

Hey penguins!  I'm in a hurry here, so I'll post quickly.  The new newspaper is out!  Here it is:

COOL!  How to start a Conga Line!

THAT is awesomely cool.  A CONGA LINE!  Wait... what IS a conga line!?  Let's take a look at the music jam stuffs.

WOOT WOOT!  Music Jam'll be out later TODAY!  Hehe... "jam'll" that's a cool word...  There will be LOTS of places to dance, and play music!  Look at that orange guitar that the peach coloured penguin is holding!  That'll be an item, probably in the special music jam instrument catalogue for members.  So will the green tambourine.  Green tambourine exclusive sneak peek click here!  Also in the corner of the page, look at this:

The very RARE and OLD maracas... the VERY FIRST maracas on Club Penguin.  I bet they'll bring these back :(  This item is RARE and OLD and it would make me sad if they did because now us penguins who have them cannot use them to show that we're old :( Please, Club Penguin, don't bring stuffs like this back!  It makes us SAD!  On the other hand, though, penguins who don't yet have it will be happy, right? 

LOOK!  CONGA DRUMS!  On the secret clasified page, in the picture it shows new CONGA DRUMS!  Also it says that you'll be able to play a funky beat on the stage with them!

WOAH!  You'll ALSO be able to play your guitar WHILE wearing a t-shirt! FINALLY!!

I'm excited for this party, are you?  We've seen lots of new items coming, do you think ANY of them will be for non members?  What do YOU think!?

-Slidoo, Club Penguin Cheat World Owner Please comment! I love comments!REMEMBER: Do NOT steal ANY of the screenshots, pictures, text, ect. in ANY of my posts! This is ILLEGAL and you WILL be caught! You will sometimes get a warning, sometimes you won't! If you steal anything, your site will likely be suspended or removed.


Lopakoy said...

Awesome cheats! But there should be atleast something for non members!

Lopakoy said...

Awesome cheats! But there should be atleast something for non members!

Dingeljoe said...

I dont think they're that rare only because i have them and got them in either 2007 or 2008 idk if taht is rare... hehe im going to make a conga line!


slippeestars said...

grr you can bring back the other stuf but not the fesitival iteams expetaily the maracas!or sunbaros D:
i will be very sad if they bring back the blue sunbraro :(

River racer said...

Last year the Boom Box was for non-members now its only for members! >:(

~River Racer