Poetry Contest!

It's been a while since Slidoo and CPCW have had a contest, so it's time to have one!  Since stamps are a NEW big part of Club Penguin, your task is to write a poem about the stamps!  It can be a haiku, a rhyming poem, or any other kind!  Plus, you can enter as many times as you want!

You MUST write the poems YOURSELF or you will be disqualified!

I don't know when the deadline is, or what the prize it yet.  Probably a custom penguin avatar for free, maybe?  Got any other prize ideas?  Tell me them!  Remember to submit your poems to me, and they must be about the stamps!

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Bobhead202, CPS Pres. said...

I Have Lots Of Fun
Collecting Stamps All Day Long
Working With My Friends!

Fluffygood (CPC) said...


-By Fluffygood

Everyday, when the i look up
I see the moon, all alone

The sun is busy in the day,
While the moon is asleep in the shade

The moon loves darkness,
while the sun loves light

The moon has no friends
While the sun has a lot

The moon then found out that,
He is not alone

He has stars and planets,
to invite over.

Fluffygood (CPC) said...

Pie Dreams


There is a pie,
On a table it lies,

It smells so good,
I cant resist it,

The sweet sensation,
of the berry filled pie,

I hear the pie calling me,
to wake up and get dressed.

I do not understand!
Until i wake up.

Oopsyocto155 said...

Slidoo I know you get a lot of Card-Jitsu codes...HINT HINT!

Here is ONE of my poems...

Collecter`s Poem (Haiku poem)
By Oopsyocto155

Adventurous quests,
seeking tough, hard challanges,
you`re victorious.

That is Haiku...the title isn`t actually Collecter`s Peom Haiku Poem...just Collecter`s Poem.

Fluffygood (CPC) said...


-By Fluffygood

Slidoo, That wonderful name!

He has such good taste!
I just cant wait!

He has a brain of massive size,
Just wait, what he'll think of now!

Newspapers! Points! Now what else?
He is the mastermind...

Of all human kind!

coolgem50 said...

Stamps, Stamps, where to start?
They find there way in to your heart.
You can spend ages, on Thin Ice,
Its worth it, stamps are very nice.
Or aqua grabber, spot the squid,
Then play astro-Barrier, like a kid.
I think stamps are really cool,
You can get at least 1, unless your a fool!


River racer said...

Heres mine:
Look up in the sky,
and down in the mine,
to find that stamp!
Get your buddys to play,
and search all day,
for that stamp!
You will dive to the deepest,
and even go to the dentist (lol),
to get that stamp!

Did you like the dentist part?? XD

~River Racer

Anonymous said...

Slidoo, can you help me get views to my blog? Please. I'm having a party soon, and I want people to come. Please let me know if you can help, because I'm new. Thank you.

Carolynn1 said...

As you collect me, you must work hard,
Start a new challenge, or take part!
Dancing, Drilling, finding the Underground Pool,
And many more things stamps make you do that are cool!
Like Filling your Igloo and serving Coffee...
Now if I'm excused, I have to go pee:)
*Runs to bathroom and poem ends*

вírdч_(fєrdthєвírd) said...

Stamps- By Birdy Each line is about a stamp, after Surf Wave,...

Stamps Stamps, oh! I got a cramp!
Collect, Collect, I am correct!
Surf, Wave, all the way to a cave!
Fly by my cherry pie!
Deep sea, I found a key!
Ice, Fire, I'm for hire!
BANG! SHOOT! Gimme a hoot!
Swim, splash, gimmie cash!
Target, snow, friend or foe?
Adopted, Puffles, 'Look! A bag of ruffles!'
Rockhopper, Stompin' Bob, a Pizza Parlor Rob!
Soccer, Hockey, the course is Rocky!
Stamps, Pins, Hey! 25 wins!

I hope you liked it!

вírdч_(fєrdthєвírd) said...

Hey, slidoo. Can i have another avatar? Here is what i'd like it to have:

Color: Peach
Clothes: My playercard...
Wig: The Flutterby
Face: White Diva Sunglasses
Neck: Jade Necklace
Body: Blue Hockey Jersey
Hand: White iPod
Feet: Pink Sneakers
Site: www.birdycpc.blogspot.com
Name: Ferdthebird (Birdy)
Thanks. I will email you a CC (Coin Code)


Oopsyocto155 said...

I Can -By Oopsyocto155

I can care for my puffles well,
I can be in bands and play the bell!
I can serve pizzas,
I can serve pies,
I can play Jetpack Adventure, and reach the skys!
I can catch a wave or two,
I can decorate my stamp book blue!
But the hardest part,
that I CAN'T do,
Is earning one stamp,
now how about you?

Anonymous said...

stamps stamps evrewhere they are here and they are there you can get them anywhere earn them by doing anything like serving coffe all day long or throwing snowballs with anyone you always will want to collect stamps with anyone

Popdog56 said...


Dancing and baking and acting and playing,

Collecting stamps is what Im saying!

With the help of my friends

They lend a hand

We collect stamps together!

Not a sticker, or a bump,

In my brown book, we're so excited we jump!

So remember how I said, collecting is fun,

Get some friends! Go go run!


Carolynn1 said...

The Stamp Cycle (by Carolynn1)-

I wake up,

I brush my teeth,

I get dressed,

go out shopping.

Spend my cash till I have 0 coins

Start a group and see who joins

Catch a Wave while Cart Surfing,

Serving up pizzas,

I hear some burping!

I'm so tired

I go home to sleep

But wow! I got stamps!

More than 20!

Now I go to sleep

And snore with a grin,

Wake up at 7,

and do it again!

Anonymous said...

this is a haiku poem!

Stamps are very cool!
Collect them with your buddies.
They are so much fun!

Oliver said...

The Cat!
By redflipper30

The cat and dog don't get along,

a big bloom of fire spreads and goes on a long cold night,

The cat goes by and meows but the dog comes by and howls,

The dog goes bark but the cat goes rat and they did not get along!

Anonymous said...

Roses are red violets are blue the canadin flag is white and red.


roses are red violets are blue the
american flag is red white and blue
Nitro 321

Patrick1661 said...

Stamps are here and so is summer,
Under the sun having fun.
Moring wake up is exciting
Mister mister collect the, stamps.
Every morning i wake up
Run around and get stamps.