Happy77 Asks About Stamps!

Today Happy77, one of Club Penguin's moderators, posted something cool on stamps!  She asked about these stamps, and she got some pretty good answers!  These will NOT replace pins.  We will access our stamp books by going into our playercards, and even our PINS will be in our books!  We will earn stamps by playing games, and by ways such as drilling on the iceberg with 10 buddies!  Here's a sneak peek:

This is pretty cool, don't you think?  I hope we'll be able to customize our stamp books!  If you wanna read the full interview, click here.

Update: Club Penguin has CHANGED it to say that to get the stamp you gotta drill with THIRTY other penguins, NOT ten.  This is an UPDATE, ORIGINALLY it said 10.  I don't know when Happy77 changed this but it was not in the first 20 minutes, when I posted it.  I was fast and got it as soon as Happy77 posted it, it said 10, but NOW it says 30.  (Thanks Fredfan4ver and Csquadqb17)
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Csquadqb17 CLICK ME! said...

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Csquadqb17 CLICK ME! said...


Csquadqb17 CLICK ME! said...

Slidoo I'm sorry to say this but I have to correct you you're blog says on the iceberg with 10 buddes while the what's new says 30

Fredfan4ever said...

Sidoo it's 30 penguins, not 10. Check again.

Sno Cone54 said...

heyy slidoo i am a huge fan of ur site and i wuz wondering if i could work for you on this site. lolz. plz reply

Dingeljoe said...

Happy77 commented on my friends comment!


☺§lídôô☻ said...

Guys, originally, it said 10! CP CHANGED it to 30 now! I was really fast and posted it within the first 15 minutes when it said 10.


Dingeljoe said...

I think while your gone you should ahve someone post for, just so u dont lose viewers, bobhead or waltle or something like that could help, but i dont make decisions for you. lol

☺§lídôô☻ said...

I WOULD do that, but nothing usually comes out on Wednesdays, and I will likely be able to post on the weekend but maybe a little late, but I will VERY unlikely be on chat. Also, Bobhead and Birdy will be posting for me in August when I will be gone for two weeks.


Bobhead202, CPS Pres. said...

Yo! Slidoo! It's 1:35 in the morning so I guess I'll comment to tell you: CENA MAY COME TO THE PARTY! O ASKED HIM, AND HE SAID, "I'll try to drop by for a few minutes." :D

Lopakoy said...

Ya, before they said 10 penguins now they changed it to 30.