YOU'RE Invited To Slidoo and Bobhead202's AWESOME Party!

-->UPDATE: Famous penguin MONCHOCHO will be there as a special guest!!  Make sure you come and become a VIP! <--

I know I have lots of parties.  I know some of you are annoyed by that.  BUT THEY'RE JUST SO MUCH FUN!  Now, my friend Bobhead202 and I wanna party TOGETHER!  Yup, TWO parties IN ONE!  This means the party should be DOUBLE of what our parties NORMALLY are!  This party is EXPCTED to have a room at least half full, since we did that at the Club Penguin Smash Buddies party a few weeks ago! Here are the details:

CANNOT READ IT?  NO PROBLEM!  Here are the details:

Date: Thursday, July 22, 2010
Time: 10:00 AM PST
Server: Mukluk
Room: We will START at the Cove but move around!

Time chart:

PST: 10:00 AM
EST: 1:00 PM
CST: 12:00 PM
British Time: 7:00 PM
Australian Time: 3:00 AM... (Sorry guys!)

We're sorry that it doesn't quite work out for people in Australia, but we have to do it this way.

That's not all, though!  We will have lots of people coming, but also lots of VIPs!  VIP stand for very important person.  If you're an important person, you may wanna become a VIP to our party!  Even if you're not one, you can still be one at our party!  Yahoo!  To become a VIP, you must...

1. Have a Twitter account
2. Follow @Slidoo and @Bobhead202 on Twitter
3. Click HERE to tweet saying you're a VIP!
4. Comment on THIS POST or on Bobhead202's site post about this saying your penguin name and telling us that you tweeted it!

You might be thinking, what's so special about being a VIP?  Well, 10 random VIPs will be followed on Twitter by ME, and 10 DIFFERENT random VIPs will be followed by BOBHEAD202!  Also, ALL VIPs will have their names posted on our sites!  This party is hopefully gonna be AWESOME!  I cannot WAIT until we have it!  Remember to become a VIP and tell everyone you know about our party!

UPDATE: 1 or 2 RANDOM VIPs will be emailed a Card-Jitsu code after the party!! Become a VIP for a chance to win!

Also, to help spread the word, put this banner on your site to advertise for the party!  Just copy and paste the HTML below:

VIPs so far:
Ferdthebird (Birdy)
Omi Man 1
Simon 923

-Slidoo, Club Penguin Cheat World Owner Please comment! I love comments!REMEMBER: Do NOT steal ANY of the screenshots, pictures, text, ect. in ANY of my posts! This is ILLEGAL and you WILL be caught! You will sometimes get a warning, sometimes you won't! If you steal anything, your site will likely be suspended or removed.


Dingeljoe said...

I might be able to make it! I have a party to go to that day, but its later in the evening


Geng20, Joestin904, and Snugle Love said...

Ill be there!

-Snugle Love

P.S. Can you add me?

Anonymous said...


Hfd138 said...

Hey. I'm soo coming to the party!! I'm a VIP. Look at my Twitter to see that I'm one. Oh I almost forgot. My penguin name is Hfd138.

вírdч_(fєrdthєвírd) said...

My Penguin name is Ferdthebird (Birdy)! I tweeted it and I'm a VIP!


Zoeyuluv said...

I might actually be able to come to this one

Bobhead202, CPS Pres. said...

Dudes, this is gonna be beast. I am adding, idk about Slidoo. Who's excited?

Paddy76 said...

Yo Awesome buddy and AWESOME blogger i will come ! its the least i can do + i tweeted it!

Ivulovic3 said...

I tweeted it!Now I'm a VIP right?

omiman1 said...

my penguin name is: omi man1 and i tweeted you and bobhead202

☺§lídôô☻ said...

I'll be adding but only about 4 or 5 peoples probably

laura61666atclubpenguin said...

i try to come can i be a vip i am following both of u
penguin name laura61666

slippeestars said...

cool i can finaly make it to one of your parties!i cant be vip i dont have a tweeter

Anonymous said...

zman321cp is my twitter and my penguin name is zman321

Penian4 said...

I am a VIP. It is gonna be fun.


☺§lídôô☻ said...

Penian4, Zman321, and Laura61666:

None of you are official VIPs YET because you haven't yet clicked on the link that you must click to become a VIP. Once you do that you will become one!


Coolman12743 said...

Hey Slidoo, it's me Coolman. I Tweeted&already follow both of you so can I be a VIP now?

-Coolman(thinking of changing name)

Coollman said...

Oh, forgot, my penguin name is Coolman12743....but you knew that.XD

Bionclex said...

I Did All Of The Instructions Can I Be A Vip

Shawn Lily said...

I would post the banner on my site but I'm not going. Sorry.

Waltdisney6 said...

I'm gonna be there! My penguin name is Waltdisney6!

Swimping2007 said...

I'll be there probably and please follow my twitter.

Swimping2007 said...

oh my penguin name is: Swimpeng2007

I tweeted about the party

coolgem50 said...

My name is coolgem50 i tweeted about it :) V.I.P plz? BTW, do you wanna be a V.I.P to my party too XD

Fredfan4ever said...

I tweeted! Hope I'll be a VIP


Lopakoy said...

I am following yours and bobhead, and I I a VIP now?

Anonymous said...

i think i can come

- june17

Superblerpul said...

1. Have a Twitter account,Yes Busterhu
2. Follow @Slidoo and @Bobhead202 on Twitter, I already did
3. Click HERE to tweet saying you're a VIP! ok
4. Comment on THIS POST or on Bobhead202's site post about this saying your penguin name and telling us that you tweeted it!I did coment on this post

Anonymous said...

can i be vip ashleyg123423

superboy137 said...

i followed both of you and tweeted

Codoyote said...

Hi,I tweeted it and my penguin name is Codoyote and on twitter.I also follow both of you so can I be a VIP?

masie576 said...

i tweeted, and im following u both so can i be a vip? masie576

cparta111rikalika123 said...

i will bee there its going to be awersome

Air 214 said...

Sounds fun! I'll be there!

Jo said...

uumm what if i want to be vip but i dont have a twitter account wat do i do? And i cant make a twitter account


Anonymous said...

i will be there penguins name is sk8terboy 99

Anonymous said...

i will be there Penguins name.....sk8terboy 99

brett said...

i will be there penguins name is sk8terboy 99

brett said...

i will be there penguins name is sk8terboy99

Rhsnail said...

ill come can i be a guest to it too?

River racer said...

Im sooo there! Make me a VIP!

~River Racer

Ƥρρρσσκιɛ said...

I can't be a V.I.P. But I will come to ya party anyway!!

Kittyw98 said...

I will be there:))

River racer said...

Ok I just tweeted and followed both of y'all!

~River Racer

Swimping2007 said...

MAN!!!!!!!! I can't come. We r going to see some relatives about that time. Srry I can't make it. :(

Snake410 said...

Hi i'm Snake410. I'm not sure if i'm on VIP list cause I don't remember commenting and I don't see a comment. So my penguin name used to be Snake410 until I was banned! Now i'm Simon 923 and my twitter is @Snake410CP

Larrylord72 said...

I Will Be There! My Name Is Larrylord72 And I Tweeted It And I Want To Become A V.I.P :D Your Partys Gonna Rock!