Club Penguin Music Jam Startup Screen!

There is a new startup screen for Club Penguin's Music Jam!

WOAH!  That's a pretty cool screen, don't you think?  I do!  I'm LOVING this party, but I still haven't got Cadence's new background... :-/

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Rissabo said...

lawlz I got it slidoo

Policeman655 said...

Oops I forgot to say its in the mine cart game of puffle rescue

Policeman655 said...

Slidoo! I found a puffle rescue secret! on level 4 if you go to the end there will be a puffle and an arrow pointing to the right, go to 5 steps over to the right (your in mid air!!) 6 steps up and 5 steps left, you will get a bag of coins, walk into the swirling rock and you will teleport to the start with the puffles!

Chimpbrad awesome cp cheats said...

Slidoo can i have another header can it have the same background as last time them blue and dark blue stripes and now can the text be changed and can it say The cp den in the same font as last time and a pic of a cp tent with a penguin inside it.

Tell me if you can do that.

Waddle on~Chimpbrad PS ITS FOR WORDPRESS

Shawn Lily said...

SLIDOO! I got your comment on BirdyCPC! I will post Music Jam cheats and info ASAP!

~Shawn Lily