Club Penguin SUPER EXCLUSIVE Stamps Sneak Peek!?

Ok, I was searching around Club Penguin and I managed to get a super exclusive stamp sneak peek!  I THINK this will be a stamp coming soon, check it out:

Pretty cool, huh?  I'm not sure how we'd get this stamp, maybe by dancing or playing DJ3K or something?  Do you have any theories? 

Also, I deleted the Slidoo Star, but I am replacing it with something much better and bigger!  That'll be coming really soon!

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Zoeyuluv said...

My theory is that after collecting ALL the other stamps, this is the ultimate stamp you have to collect for something. Then maybe you get a special prize after collecting them all. That's what I think. Also I would like to know where you found that pic, because I was looking around and I couldn't find it on the site.

Swimping2007 said...

Let me guess. Badges

Zoeyuluv said...

I found the pic. Do I have ur permission to post it? Oh yeah, I opened my site up again.

Zoeyuluv said...

Hey slidoo I need help. I made a header for my site, but it didn't work so I'm ordering one.
1. Zoeyuluv
2.InTouch Club Penguin
4. no pics
5.I'm Back Baby!(really big and bold) InTouch Club Penguin is Back in Business!(a bit smaller) pics.
7. Header
8.750by300 I might need maybe 800 but I'm not sure.
9. I want some medium blues, dark purples and light blues.
10. If you could make it animated that would be great, if not that's OK.
Thanks Slidoo!

Anonymous said...

SLIDOO how do you get these sneak peeks. I need help with my blog and I need exclusives.

Dingeljoe said...

Swimping2007 said...
Let me guess. Badges

so close. hehe Slidoo re-named it