July 2010 Furniture Catalogue Hidden Item CHEATS!

Yup!  The new furniture catalogue is finally out!  Here's the cover:

Here are the hidden item CHEATS:

Click the left disk on the DJ Table for the Drum Kit!  Shouldn't that be called a Drum SET?

Click the bottom speaker thing for the Quarter Note!

Click the square on the disco ball for the Guitar Stand!

Click the bottom of the Eighth Note for the Music Stand!

Click the word "Disco" for the Lanterns!

Click the poll on the top of the Clothes Rack for the HD TV!

Click the screen on the cash register in the background for the Tropical Palm!

Click the window of the pirate ship for the Bamboo Torch.

Click the stone wall window for the Mermaid Vanity!

Click the flower for the Ficus Plant!

Click the leaf in the Potted Palm for the Poodle Plant!

Click the top of the throne for the Snake Grass!

Click the symbol on the Medieval Banner for the Bulrushes!

That's all the cheats for this catalogue!

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