New Club Penguin Books!

Hey penguins!  A few days ago, Club Penguin updated their book page, check out the new one:

They have a NEW official guide to Club Penguin! FINALLY an updated version!  They have also added some books in other languages, spanish I think!  What do YOU think of these books?

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River racer said...

Here is my form for a header plz:
1.River Racer
2.Clubpenguin Press
5.Welcome to Clubpenguin Press
6.Anything pink
9.Backround-Dark Blue Text- Orange and Lime Green
Thanks Slidoo!

~River Racer

☺§lídôô☻ said...

The link doesn't work

dingeljoe said...

Cool books. I got the first guide to cp but the updated one should be better!


River racer said...

Here is a new link of same pic XD:

Shawn Lily said...

Can i just get a random banner? As long as it says Club Penguin Paradise and the link on it.

Oh, and ....

1.Shawn Lily
2. Club Penguin Paradise

The banner can be 250x250



Anonymous said...

Hey Slidoo! Its me Grovyle401 my blog needs more hits and I need a new header. My name is Grovyle401 lol. My websites name is Grovyle401's Club Penguin Blog. My link is is my picture I want in it. I'd Like it to say Grovyle401's Club Penguin Blog Totally Awesome Blog! Anything pinkish or dull color. I'd like a header. 648x154 I'd like the background to be regular blue and the name of the website to be orange and totally awesome blog to be light green like lime green. Yes i would like it animated. Nah i dont need an avatar. Thanks Slidoo ur the best!

кяιѕтєи said...

Can I have a signature?

1. Kristen


3. Same as above.

4. A running aqua horse and the left side

5. Kristen. Font: Fancy. Color: aqua

6. Animation.

7. Signature.

8. Thin and long.

9. A light pink background

10. No

11. None.