Club Penguin has released a new newspaper, here it is:

Wow!  LOTS of information on STAMPS!

Wow, how many stamps do I have?  Not many... how many do YOU have!?  The record of any of my buddies is Dupple, he's got 84!  How did he get that?  He's on literally all day playing games to get them ;-) 

Wow!  The Club Penguin Times is celebrating their 250th issue!  I remember their 50th issue, and then the GRAND 100th issue! 

Congratulations, Club Penguin!  The newspaper has came FAR from the start, I only got to see it in 2006 when I joined and it's came far even since then. 


Woah.. could this be a sign of water or ice card-jitsu!?  Or is this just gonna be a bonus fun activity like the Great Snow Maze last year!?  Oh, and best of all, luckily for me, it starts ONE DAY before I go away!  YAY I'll get to take part!  What do you think of this newspaper!?

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River racer said...

Your sooo lucky! When Clubpenguin had the water party, I had to visit my grandparents and when I FINALLY got to go on the computer the party was over!!! Ive never ever been to cp's water party before!!

~River Racer

Oliver said...


Bionclex said...

I Was Wondering If I Could Do Custom Penguins With You, Here Is One Of The Custom Penguins I Made I Watermarked It Cause It Took 2 Hours To Make For Editing And Watermarking.

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