Club Penguin's Sensei RETIRING From Club Penguin!?

Ok, this is weird.  In Club Penguin's new stamp books, you can get stamps for being in the same room as all the Club Penguin mascots - EXCEPT Sensei!

There are a few things possible for this, here are some of them:

1. Club Penguin failed and FORGOT Sensei.
2. Club Penguin is just planning on adding Sensei later.
3. Sensei isn't going to be on the island for a while so the stamp is not needed at this time.

Or... my prediction... this is just a theory, although it seems like it could easily be true:

Sensei is pretty old, right?  With his cane and his gray colour, and his weird eyebrows, he's like an old man.  Everyone gets older, and eventually retires... could Sensei be RETIRING!?  He's the oldest and most mysterious mascot, and there are HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS of ninjas who could take his place.  No Sensei stamp means Sensei won't be waddling around for AT LEAST a long time, or... forever?  So, my theory is that Sensei will retire and have another ninja take over.  This is probably not gonna happen, but I actually think it might... Club Penguin is being very sneaky these days, they could be planning on having him retire but not yet telling us... are they like dropping HINTS that he's retiring?  Who knows!

Remember, this is just a THEORY of mine so it might not be true... do you have any theories about this?  Comment!

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вírdч_(fєrdthєвírd) said...

Wow, COOL THEORIES! I didn't even know Sensei isnt even there! Good eye!

-Birdy, Trying to be a CPCW Mod

Oopsyocto155 said...

Heheh I noticed Sensei was gone...NREW!! NREW NREW NREW!

slippeestars said...

hes not going to retire no way but i noticed that its because sensei dosnt care about fame and hes very hard to find because lots of people check high servers and me moves servers like evry 2 minutes and not all penguins can meat him because sometimes he is only at the hideout for ninjas but if there lcuky you can se him go in for nonninjas and as a matter a fact hes coming this mounth or next month because im sure card jitsue water or snow will come out very soon if this isnt snow water will be latter(mountan expidition)
and if its snow i think card jitsue water will some in novermber because of the card jtisue cards water deck

slippeestars said...

sory for the long comment im trying to figure out some secrets of sensei like because ever since i found the water deck for card jitsue ive been exited because i was the first and it was coming out soon

Dingeljoe said...

i think cp failed xD


Zoeyuluv said...

I didn't notice that. Slidoo u have a good eye for noticing the little things. Club Penguin is being very sneaky and I am getting worried about WHAT they could be doing. This could just be something else to add in Club Penguin's big book of fails.

Oopsyocto155 said...