Club Penguin Stamps Sneak Peek UPDATED AGAIN

Ok!  So, remember that stamps sneak peek?  Well yesterday they updated it and one of the stamps had a picture in it!  Now, like I suspected, they have put out ANOTHER one without telling us!  This is probably gonna happen every day!  Check out the new stamp:

Wow, that looks pretty cool!  Got any theories about these stamps?

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Dingeljoe said...

Disco time!


Lopakoy said...

Not sure..hmm..

Lopakoy said...

I'm not really sure..but I just came up with this. When you find the first sticker, you can unlock a new level in aqua grabber to stop Klutzy stealing the coins..and when you find the dancing penguin one, you unlock a level in dj3k, or the dance contest game.. Im not sure, but I just thought I'll tell you this..