Player Card Guide

Having trouble figuring out how to use your player card on Club Penguin? You've came to the right place! This guide will teach you everything you need to know about player cards.

When you first join Club Penguin, your player card will look something like this:
But, you probably won't want to waddle around with a naked penguin, right? Well, it's easy to add clothes, a background, and maybe even a pin to your player card! To change your clothes, just find whatever clothing item you want and click on it! You can only wear up to 1 item of each type at a time, and the other items will be stored in your inventory.

Now, once you've been playing Club Penguin for a while, your player card may start to have a lot more items in it, and you'll want to wear more! Sometimes scrolling through the "All Items" category can take a lot of time to find the right item. That's why, if you click on the button that says "All Items", you'll get a list of clothing categories to view!
In the "Other Items" category, you can choose between 3 things: backgrounds, flags/pins, and awards. In the awards category, you'll find things that you won somehow... sometimes when you complete missions, you win prizes.
These do not go anywhere on your player card, but when you click on them, you can find out a bit more information about them and some are even interactive! In the pins/flags category, you'll find all the pins you've collected, and the flags you've purchased.
Pins and flags go in the top left hand corner of your player card. There is a new pin hidden on the island every 2 weeks, and once a pin goes away, it won't come back... Ever! In the final category, the background category, you'll find any backgrounds you've picked up or purchased.
These backgrounds fill up your entire player card's background, and makes them look much better. Without a background, your player card just isn't complete!

Well, now, go ahead and experiment with everything you can do with your player card... It's wonderful! I hope that this guide helped you out!


Luna Lovegood929 said...

WAIT!!!!! In the awards picture, you have a map. I don't have one, and I've completed every mission, and the cream soda puzzle. WHAT IS THAT MAP?!?!

Anonymous said...

You were able to get that map back in 2007 when the Cove and Forest were first discovered. I also have the map.

Anonymous said...

Haww. I wish to go back to 2007 to get that map. Haww. Better luck next time... Poor me.

Crazyp01 said...

It was the map for the cove and forest, right?

Anonymous said...

How do I change the date back to 2007?

Anonymous said...

Lol im 35 days old on cp.