Club Penguin Underwater Adventure Postcard

You can now send an Underwater Adventure postcard to other penguins!

Cool card!  Unfortunately, the catalogue for the Stage has NO CHEATS!  Boo hoo :(  However it does have new costumes!  YAHOO!!!!

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Mary said...

Hello Slidoo,

I would like to thank you for creating this website and helping other curious penguins on the island of Club Penguin. My daughter used to use Mimo's Club Penguin Cheats until one day, when he posted an offensive post about Club Penguin's British toys and merchandise. Our family, being British, was offended by that post. I always make sure I read all Club Penguin blogger's posts before letting my daughter use them, for she is only 7 years old. I did not like that post and didn't let her read it, and told her she must find a new site. We hopped on Google and searched for Club Penguin cheat websites, and found yours. I approved it before letting her use it, and was happy with all of your content. She now uses your website for help with Club Penguin all the time, and had so much fun at your party a few days ago! I'd just like to say how much I appreciate you helping her and many others.

Thanks for everything,

Anonymous said...

Hi slidoo can u come to my friends birthday party on club penguin its on the 25/07/2010
it at sherbet
will you come!?
~Ms Pink Fluf

ZooTycooner said...

hey slidoo renember me at cena`s party my penguins name was zootycooner