Card-Jitsu Water or Ice Path FOUND!?

Ok, I found something pretty cool.  About a week ago, I was wandering around on Club Penguin, bored when some penguin walked up to me and said "Slidoo! Play Card Jitsu with me!" so I went to the Dojo.  We played 2 games of Card-Jitsu, and then the other penguin had to go.  I went out to the Dojo Courtyard, and saw a card-jitsu fire video from when it came out!  I watched it, and noticed something.  A path at the Courtyard.  This path is NOT there... YET.  Take a look:

Ok, that's pretty weird.  That path is NOT there now, but was there when Sensei introduced Card-Jitsu Fire to the island!  So, will that be a future path!?  Will that be the path to the water or ice dojo?  I THINK SO!  I think this will be the path to the ICE dojo.  I think ice NOT water because water will probably be at that mysterious waterfall!

I ALSO think that will be the water dojo because there is even a path in the background leading to it!  I KNOW that is not the path to the Fire Dojo because you get to that one from a wooden bridge at the Ninja Dojo!  This is SO weird!  When will Card-Jitsu water or ice come out?  Probably in November, since regular Card-Jitsu and Card-Jitsu Fire came out in different Novembers!  What do you think?

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