Club Penguin New Toys!

Hey penguins! Billybob made a new post!  Club Penguin has made lots of new toys which are coming soon:

Ok, cool!  Some Urban Vinyl penguin figures, and an air hockey playset!  The figures look cool, but seriously Cadence WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR!!?  You gotta go to a hairdresser, Cadence...

What do you think of these new toys? COMMENT!

-Slidoo, Club Penguin Cheat World Owner
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Wow.  You're actually reading this! Well, click here for a sneak peek from me about what's coming up in CP Reality.


slippeestars said...

slidoo theres also new mix and match on clubpenguin section there series 8! there so cool

Fredfan4ever said...

Slidoo my blog will never be as popluar as yours. I'm sitting here thinking about that, and I'm really sad. My blog will never be good. :(


Oopsyocto155 said...

Fred why would you think about that...

Hey Slidoo I didn't mention her weird BAD HAIR DAY in my post I don't think but I commented on Billybob's post and said that....heheh! :D

Edster12499 said...

Hi Slidoo :) I have a blog, and I would love to do something like iSlidoo. Can I have your idea? I will give you FULL credit!

Zoeyuluv said...

I think these penguins are kinda weird. Like Cadence's head looks kinda flatish even.... ewww. Slidoo you might become the next Mimo. Not saying ur will be like him, just saying your getting pretty popular and all your hard work is paying off. Fred I know how you feel. I've been down that road. Trust me, you have to keep on going...

кяιѕтєи said...

Hey can I use the Slidoo Star idea? It's going to be a lot different but still... I'm getting most of my ideas from DG. (Discovery Girls) I doubt it's going to be anything like yours but you started it so....

River racer said...

I'd like to order a header please:
1.River Racer
2.Club Penguin Press
5.Happy Summer!
6.nything that describes Winter or Fall (brown, orange, yellow, white, snow.)
9.Anything that describes summer/spring.

~River Racer