Field-Ops #21

The new Field-Op is here!  To begin, go to the HQ, just as normal.
Now click the "Field-Ops" screen!

OH NO!  Red alert!  The EPF computer has been hacked and there are BUGS in it!  Go over to it to repair it.
Head over to the spot where the arrow points to, and then click "Engage!"
Finally, a NEW puzzle!  It's tricky!
To play, you have to click the arrows and then press the green arrow to move the repair bot.  You only have 5 sets of commands, so be careful!  You need to make the robot hit ALL of the red circles to win!
Yay!  If you beat it, which I am still trying to do, you will get one medal for the Elite Gear!

Check back next week for more Field-Ops cheats!


June17 said...

i already beat it. it was easy!

coolman12743 said...
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Anonymous said...

i beat it it was hard though