Slidoo & Distrocktiv7's (WAD) HUGE Holiday Party!

You might or might now know of a really awesome Club Penguin comedy video group called WAD!  It is created by Distrocktiv7 and they make a LOT of AMAZING videos!  I recently joined this group, and will be working with Distrocktiv7 and other WAD members to create AWESOME videos!

Anyway, me and Distrocktiv7 have been planning a HUGE Holiday Party!  WAD parties normally fill rooms or almost fill them, and same with mine!  Check out the party details:
Can't read it? That's okay!  Here are the details, written out:

Server: Rocky Road
Room: Cove
Time: 1:00 PM Penguin Standard Time
Date: December 18, 2010

If you know me well, you'll know that I like posting about parties, VERY early.  Well, here's another example. :P The party is in just under one month!  More details, such as a time chart, and more, will be posted closer to the party, including a video about it.

Remember, your two hosts are Slidoo and Distrocktiv7, but keep an eye out for other Club Penguin Cheat World authors, Coolman12743 and Safa153, and other WAD members, Matthew722, Lebron Jr 23, Wosdmvte, Yankymetro, and 1Candy0.

Win Prizes:
There will be a small giveaway of one Card-Jitsu Code after the party!  I will Direct Message someone on Twitter.  That person will win the code!  Wanna have a chance to WIN that code? You need to click HERE to tweet that you're coming to the party, at least once.  Then, you need to actually COME to the party!  You also need to follow both Slidoo and Distrocktiv7 on Twitter, or you CAN'T win! :D  (Click our names to follow us)

Get there EARLY:
The room is expected to get easily full, so MAKE SURE you get there early or you WON'T be able to get in!  You never know, a second room COULD get full as well!

At this party, unlike usual, I will not be adding.  I'm sorry guys, but Club Penguin needs to give us more buddy list space before I can really add more people! :(  I don't know, but Distrocktiv7 might be adding!

You really should come!  It's going to be around an HOUR of NON-STOP fun with Slidoo, Distrocktiv7, and lots of other awesome penguins!  So, now YOU tell ME.... Are you coming? ;-]


Ƥρρρooκιɛ said...

Darn... I wish I was allowed a twitter :(

Anonymous said...

Wish I could come but i'm in a different time zone :(

My5t3ryg1rl said...

sure ill come! :)

Asdfjkl246 said...

i know i will be there!!! or at least try to be!!!

Anonymous said...

Ƥρρρooκιɛ said...
Darn... I wish I was allowed a twitter :(
i dont see what that has to do with u being able to come to the party besides slidoos twitter is open for everyone
number pengu cpcw mod

Anonymous said...

im coming

Anonymous said...

ill come :D (i WANT to say ill make a guest appearence but am i that famous? :p ) from Musa