Card Jitsu Water Scavenger Hunt Cheats!

Hey guys!
Storm is no longer available and Sensei has started a Scavenger Hunt!

To find the 1st item go to Stadium.

To find the 2nd item go to the Coffee Shop.

To find the 3rd item go the The Pet Shop.

To find the 4th item go to the Cove.

To find the 5th item go to the Book Room.

To find the 6th item go to the Dance Lounge.
To find the 7th item go to the Beach.
And to find the last item go to the Dojo Countyard.

Once you complete it, click on "Claim Prize".

Then click "Yes" to get your Water Tank Background!

Congratulations! Water Tank Background will be added in your inventory!
Stay tuned for the latest cheats!

~ Safa153 - Author.


Syka said...

Thz Safa, and welcome to CPCW! ;-D
Warped and proud! ~Syka

number pengu said...

i got it hours before yu posted the cheats

AJfunwow said...

How can you start a scanengver hunt?