BILLYBOB Emails Me! Club Penguin Card-Jitsu WATER Page and Video!

TODAY I checked my email and saw that BILLYBOB, the Club Penguin CREATOR EMAILED me!  He FINALLY noticed me!  This means, that he will probably be sending me exclusive sneak peeks once in a while! WOAH!  He told me that they have UPDATED the Club Penguin Card-Jitsu page!  It is NOW about Card-Jitsu Water!  Check out this video:

AMAZING video!  It shows SO many signs of Card-Jitsu Water, and the embed CODE has "Card-Jitsu Water" in it!  What do you think?

Don't believe that he emailed me?  Check it out:
I checked the EMAIL ADDRESS, and this IS Billybob's REAL email address, so this IS 100% real!  WOW!  Thanks SO MUCH Billybob!  I REALLY appreciate it! :D

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Yo Hey rsnail is creater not Rsnail rsnail
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