New Newspaper and Design!

The NEW newspaper is here, along with an all-new design!  Unfortunately Club Penguin has made an update and you cannot access any newspaper files, so, I have to use pictures instead of posting the actual paper.

Anyway, check out this article on Card-Jitsu Water:
YAY!  Did you see that!?  The game's being released on November 25, as lots of you already know!

Now, check out the upcoming events:
New postcards today!  That's kind of a lame update, but whatever! :P

I can't decide if I like the new design, or not.  It isn't organized very well, but, it certainly is easier to read and looks much more current.  It also is easier to take screenshots of!  What's YOUR opinion?


Jpko Pinguin said...

I didn't like it at all, i find it harder to read and unorganized like you said. I was hoping it would be better but i think it a lot lot lot worse. Making it scrollable was a terrible decision. I want the old design too.

Syka said...

I think it is kinda cool and much more modern looking, but I might like the old one better--more pictures and more organization. Plus, it is now delivered on FRIDAYS, meaning we must wait longer for the news. ;-/
Warped and proud! ~Syka
P.S. Slidoo, you were not there when I went to your chat. Can we set up a time to do this? I am leaving for Atlanta, Georgia, today, and I will be gone until late (and i mean late) Saturday night. Plz excuse me from modding temporarily (unless the hotel has wi-fi) and let me know when we can meet! ;-)

Anonymous said...

its much harder to read cause its not in sections

Qwerty13199 said...

Well, it's green cause it's only printed on one sheet of paper, and I like the News Flash part, but besides that, I hate it. What's with the scrolling down???

~*Qwerty13199, CPC Mod*

Anonymous said...

Stupid newspaper look. The old version is awesome!