Slidoo's Super Saturday Party REVIEW!

If you don't already know, today was the day of my Super Saturday Party!  It started off AMAZING, and died down at the end, but over all, it was AWESOME!  Here's the beginning of the party:
Yes.  The room WAS full for non-members, and ALMOST full for members!
We started off in the Forest!  It was awesome!

More Forest! :P

"Smile for the camera!"

Then, we moved to the Recycling Centre! 

Time to go swimming!  We went to the Hidden Lake!

BACK to the Forest!  The party started to die down now.
Time to go to the Pizza Parlour!  "Toot parade!"
We went to the Dojo, and played some Card-Jitsu!

We now went to the Nightclub!  We played some Dance Contest, which, did I mention, I completely failed at? :P  Also, for some people, DJ Cadence "Epicly Failed" and the game CRASHED because it was soo crowded! WOAH!
Now we went to the Town!  "CHEESE!"
We went to my igloo, to end the party off!

We tried to break the ice and fall into the river! 

The party was SUPER fun!  Here is what some penguins said:
The party was AWESOME and I'd like to thank ALL of you for coming!  I will be having MORE parties soon!


Mr Einstein4 said...


Anonymous said...

hey guys, i was there!!! take a look at the pictures. see bluecheese1 thats me!!! loved and said i luv u slidoo so many times. i hated candeces epic fail, i couldnt play.:( fun, more fun, and super fun!! luv u slidoo for ever!

CM said...

Sorry I couldn't make it :'(


CadenceCP2 said...

Sounds like your party was fun. It was also funny how Cadece failed the game! xD Wish I could of come