What's New!

Well it looks like CP has posted the new "What's New?" on their blog! Here it is:

"Hello penguins!
November has some big events. Here's a sneak peek at what's coming up:

  • Ninjas - if you don't have your Ninja Mask yet, now would be a good time to earn it...
  • Elite Agents - new top secret spy gear is in the works. More updates coming next week.
  • Club Penguin Times - the newspaper is getting a new look! The brand new newspaper launches soon - check back for details
So what are you most excited for this month? Let us know in the comments."

Hmmmm, I wonder what these mean...the only thing I can pick out is...is...Card-Jitsu Water! So what do you think these mean and do you think I'm wrong? Lemmie know!

Also, I would like to introduce myself...the new CPCW author...Coolman12743! =) That's right! I'm the new CPCW author!
See ya in other posts!

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Alex said...

Welcome Coolman!