EPF Reviewed By You!

Last week the Club Penguin team wanted to hear what Elite Gear would help us EPF agents around the island, and Emitoad told them...

HOLA Cp!! I "might" be a elite agent and "if" i was one i would want a cool and cute wig for boys and girl penguins.I want a super secret dress for the girl penguins and some secret jewlrey we can wear. As for the boy elite penguins,a messy hair-do,and a high-tech wristwatch. "If" i was an elite agent this is what i would want to wear around cp.
Wow!  Great review!  This week, Club Penguin wants to hear what we're doing to celebrate the rainy weather!

If YOU want a chance to win 10,000 coins, then click HERE and tell Club Penguin YOUR review!

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