Card-Jtsu Water Coin Glitch!

So I was playing CJW-Slidoo will post soon-and I came in third but when I exited, guess how many coins it said I got? Look:
LOL! I can't even count how many that is! Anyways, just wanted to point this out and no, you do not actually get that many coins, I checked my playercard and still had 700.



Qwerty13199 said...

that just happened to me!!! LOL XD

number pengu said...

number is 8hundred million 80 million 8 million 8hundred thousand 80 thousand 8 thousand 800 80 and 8 coins
wow u earned a lot(do i get a prize)

Anonymous said...

Bye Slidoo, Bye Coolman, Bye Birdy, Bye all. Dreammae's quiting for the last time. :'( Bye

sk8terboy 99 said...