Club Penguin Theory - Secret Underground Rooms!? *Updated*

Remember back to the Music Jam party 2010?  It was back in July, and I realized something REALLY WEIRD about it.

So, remember the Casa Fiesta thing?  You got to that by going to the SKI VILLAGE.  From the Fiesta, you could go to BACKSTAGE!  You could ALSO access Backstage from the DOCK.  Just stop and think about that for a second!  That makes NO sense at all!  Take a look at the map, and where the two entrances to the Backstage were:
This DOESN'T make any sense!  There are only 2 theories for this:

Simple theory:
Club Penguin failed and messed up BIG time, and didn't realize that this made NO SENSE.

MY theory:
The backstage MUST have been underground, or else this is NOT possible AT ALL.  But, even if it WAS underground, they are STILL quite far apart and the Backstage wasn't THAT BIG!  There MUST be TUNNELS underground, going from the Dock, to the Ski Village, or, more likely, from the Dock, to the Beach, and THEN to the Ski Village!  Here's a diagram of what I mean:

See?  Tunnels!  Now, think back to when Club Penguin recently added THREE MORE ROOMS underground.  These went from the Forest, to the Mine Shack!  Then, there are the three ORIGINAL underground rooms which go from the Plaza to the Town.  What if ALL these are CONNECTED?  What if almost the entire ISLAND has underground to it!?  Take a look at what I mean:
Tunnels all around the island?  I think this might be the way to go!  Another hint is, remember back to the Medieval Party in May 2010?  Well, there were two MEMBER QUESTS underground, which were in TUNNELS!  They would have needed a LOT of room in order to fit!
This MUST mean that my theory is right!  Club Penguin can be VERY tricky, as we have seen in the past!  I think that there ARE secret underground tunnels, and that they will be revealed to us some day in the future!

Also, Coolman12743 noticed another clue to this theory!  When you get ten penguins sitting on the chairs in the Command Room, a little movie plays on the screen!  It shows three EPF elevators!  One in the Command Room, and one at the Beach, where my tunnel theory leads to!

 What do YOU think?  What is YOUR theory!?  Comment!

*This is my theory, please do not use it for your site, or, if you do, please link to me.  Thanks.*


Bobhead202, CPS Pres. said...

Wow! That's a really cool idea! Maybe we will be able to cart surf in the tunnels! ;-)

Wwerocks88 said...

Hey, remember when Billybob gave us those sneak peeks of Herberts Revenge? Well, he gave us a sneak peek of tunnels underground!

Superpacman1 said...

Well, if you remember in one of the missions, Herbert drilled underground. Remember all the tunnels that lead everywhere?

Coolman12743 said...

Superpacman1 Said...

Well, if you remember in one of the missions, Herbert drilled underground. Remember all the tunnels that lead everywhere?
Omg! Yea! This is all making sense now! Thanks for pointing that out! =D

slippeestars said...

wait wait wait for the part of the medevil quest i though there was water there!? and that water is underground the ice rink linked back to a psa mission when the penguin pops out who was scooba diving

slippeestars said...

ok ill mension all the stufs
.the big underground room herberts revenge
.the normal underground room
.the icerinks above water wich makes no sense because that red tunnel misevil party leads to under the fire dojo the caves for the mine shack and the ones for puffle rescue
.the new epf ones

and the ones herbert made

вírdч_(fєrdthєвírd) said...

WHOA!! SWEET!! Fabulous idea!!!! :D


Anonymous said...

hey, i was in epf hq and there is a lot of tubes behind the glass wall in the 1st story part!!! this has to be underbground too!!!

Minesha said...

This is Amazing ! Cool !

Alex said...

What font is that?

Carolynn1 said...

So smart, Slidoo! I also noticed something- We can access every room on the map by waddling, BUT the Iceberg. So how do we transport there? Maybe there are UNDERWATER tunnels!

Y27s said...

Yeah, this is actually true because it was also showed in one mission that there is a tunnel to the gift shop.