Field-Ops #22 Cheats!

By the title, you guessed it!  The new Field-Op, #22 is out!  Can you believe it has been 22 weeks since Field-Ops begun?  I can't!  Anyways, to begin, go to the EPF Command Room, and walk up to the "Field-Ops" screen.
Okay, now accept your mission!

=O Club Penguin's in DANGER!  To finish this mission go to the Hidden Lake.

Now, walk up to the barrel.  Now, your spy phone will begin to ring.  Click on it to answer it, and then, click "Engage".

We're almost done!  Just finish this mini-game and you've won!  To play this game, roll your mouse over 1 of the red dots and the symbol will show up bigger!  Click on it and find the matching dot, then click it!  Do this until all dots have been clicked!  If you do it within one minute, you win..

Woot!  Now, you're done!  You get one Elite Medal for the Elite Gear.   Speaking of Elite Gear, do you think there will be any new Elite stuff soon?

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Blue Jeans said...

There already is new elite gear. Its called Comm...