New Ninja Login Screen!

Club Penguin has a NEW login screen! 
...And as you can tell by what I wrote on the picture, Card-Jitsu Water is coming THIS MONTH!  It will probably be released on the SAME day that Card-Jitsu Fire was released last year, November 23!


Alex said...

What font is that

slippeestars said...

uhhh slidoo!!!
go to the ski hill the water is so high in the backround!

Ginny said...

Ooooh! I wonder where the Water Dojo will be! Well, Fire Jitsu is in a volcano....and there's a waterfall right next to it. And then....a mountain right next to THAT, where ICE jitsu will probably take


Policeman655 said...

I think there is going to be a water party on Club Penguin!