New SUPER EXCLUSIVE: Slidoo Tests Club Penguin Chinese Server!

Woah!  Check this out!  I am one of the first 15 people in the WORLD to try out a Club Penguin Chinese server!  Watch this video:

That's awesome!  Club Penguin Chinese should be released soon, but notice, everything has set back to early 2010 - That shows that Club Penguin has been working on it for almost a year, now!  They've done a pretty good job keeping it a secret... Until now. ;-]

Don't bother asking anyone to give you a special Chinese account, or to give you the link to play in Chinese - I can guarantee, it's not gonna happen. ;-)

I'd like to thank Bobhead202 for giving me the Chinese account, and SweetFlame12 for giving me the link to play in Chinese!

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Anonymous said...

awesome if i could go there i would be able to go to mine without any recycling plant or puffle rescue yay