Newspaper Issue #264*UPDATED*

It's Thursday and that means Newspaper Issue #264 is here!

But look at's WAY past Halloween but the storm is still here. Even Club Penguin wrote about it...

Weird huh?
Well knowing me, I couldn't just let this slide so I had to come up with a theory. So my theory is that since rain comes out of thunderstorms and the thunderstorm is still here that maybe..just maybe it will rain and bring Card-Jitsu Water! =D What do you think?
CP has update and removed the Halloween party but the skies are still here!

If you take a look at the  Calender Sneak Peek Slidoo posted a long time ago, for November it had Card-Jitsu Water, on the What's Coming Up In November post on CP's blog it has something to do with Ninja's, I got a sneak peek of the CJW outfit(You can view it by clicking my profile), rain gear in catalog, new pin is a water fosit thing, new Ninja start up screen, and all these things add up to the storm raining and bring CJW! =D

There is also some very exciting events coming up!
Nov. 11 there is a new Igloo Catalog.
Nov. 11 there is new igloo items.
Nov. 19 there is an newspaper announcement.
Nov. 19 SpaceAdventurePlanet Y comes to the stage! =D

That's all for now. :-)

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