Card-Jitsu Water Is Here!

Yup!  You read the title right!  Card-Jitsu Water is here and it's AWESOME!

To make this post more organized, it will be split into four parts:

1. Starting Off
2. How to Play
3. The Water Ninja Suit
4. About the Water Dojo

1. Starting Off:
To begin playing Card-Jitsu Fire, you need to go to the Water Dojo.  You can access it from the Ninja Hideout:

Now, click on the new stone, and then walk through the water door which will pop up.
Now, walk up to Sensei, who is sitting on his lovely little green pillow, as usual. :P

Click on him, and then click on the screen a few times.

Now, he will give you some cards, and you're ready to play!  Yay!

2. How to Play:
First, click on Sensei again.  Now, select "Earn your water suit".
You will be matched up with one to three other players, and then you get this screen:
Now, here's the game screen:
To play, you need to select a card.  The cards will scroll below the waterfall.
You need to select the card that will beat one of the tiles outlined in green on the game.  Your object is to get to the gong, so it's smartest to move forward, not backwards or sideways.  You can only jump on a green tile!  Then, after you have selected the card, click on the tile, but be quick!  Your penguin will jump on that tile.  If you're too slow, the tiles, and your penguin, will fall off the waterfall, making you out of the game!  Remember...

Fire beats ice
Ice beats water
Water beats fire

The first person to the big gong at the end wins the game!  Or, if EVERYONE falls off the waterfall, the LAST person to fall wins.  Check it out.. This is what happens when you DO win:
When you get enough wins, you will get the newest piece of the Water Suit!  Yay!

If you end up making it to the gong, look at what happens:
And when it says you win...

Well, that's basically how you play!

3. The Water Suit
There are 4 pieces to the Water Suit, just like there are to the Fire Suit!  You can see the pieces by clicking this piece of paper at the Water Dojo:
When you click on it...
There are the 4 pieces of the Water Suit!  First you get the Wave Sandals, then you get the Waterfall Coat.  Next, you get the Torrent Mask, and then finally, the Helmet of Oceans!  Wow!  You can see how far you are to the next item by clicking on the blue cards in the lower right-hand corner of your screen!

4. The Water Dojo
The Water Dojo is REALLY awesome!  In my opinion, it's the best Dojo so far!  Check it out:
There are lots of waterfalls and more water everywhere!  I love the dojo, but I'm not sure what I think of the game yet.  I haven't played it enough to find out, yet!

So, now you tell ME, what do YOU like best about Card-Jitsu Water?  Do you think Club Penguin succeeded with this game, or badly failed?


Anonymous said...

Your guide to CJW is by far the 100% best I've seen :)

Keylime244 said...

Spectacular post! Keep up the awesomeness!


Asdfjkl246 said...

it is the best yet!!! i wonder why others just put steps but you did more than them!!!!

Slidoo said...

Thanks guys! It means a lot. :)


Qwerty13199 said...

Great guide! But I have to agree with the guy in the pic when he said, and I quote, THS GAME MAKES NO SENSE!! LOL XD

Anonymous said...

Asdfjkl246 said...
it is the best yet!!! i wonder why others just put steps but you did more than them!!!
its because slidoo is the best
number pengu cpcw mod

CM said...

Hate it. Hardest one yet.

Pirate Yarr1 said...

How many times do u need to click on Sensei and the screen Sliddo?