Field-Ops #23 Cheats!

The new Field-Op is here!  I'm sorry that I'm a few minutes late, Club Penguin failed and didn't give me the Field-0p right away!  First, go to the Command Room and click on the Field-Ops screen.  Next, accept your mission:
Next, go to the Everyday Phoning Facility.
Walk right under the TV screen and then answer your spy phone.

Now click on "Engage" and start the puzzle!  To play this puzzle, use your arrow keys to move your block. You must move the block under the one matching it above. Then wait until they hit eachother. Keep doing this a few times and you will beat it!
Yay!  Now you get a medal for the Elite Gear!

Did the late glitch happen to anyone else, or is it just me?  Comment!


Qwerty13199 said...

Ya, I didn't get it til a couple minutes ago

Anonymous said...

it wasnt a glitch i emailed cp and asked them they said it was a bug and they were trying their hardest to get it back up