Sensei Returns for Card-Jitsu Water *Exclusive News*

Hey guys!  A few days ago my good friend Keylime244 called Club Penguin and got some EXCLUSIVE news which she has shared with me!  Sensei, Club Penguin's Card-Jitsu creator will be waddling around the island, for the opening of Card-Jitsu Water!
This DOES mean that Club Penguin Cheat World will be tracking him!  We have not yet confirmed the date that he will be arriving, but we will try to find that out!

Also, I'm working on a new theme... It's gonna be similar to this one, but it'll be better, and some Card-Jitsu Water decorations (including music) will be up soon!


Dingeljoe said...

Wooooo! I cant wait to track!! Hehe!


Anonymous said...

help me find him hes my last cp mascot to find and tick off my famous mascot list

Anonymous said...

The water dojo is the the best but i feel sorry for people that are not members !!!