Easter Egg Hunt CONFIRMED To Return

Remember when I posted about that the Easter Party was NOT cancelled? And all the penguins who posted about it being posted freaked out on me? Yeah, well, today in Club Penguin's newspaper, they have confirmed that the Easter egg hunt WILL be returning to Club Penguin.
So, that shows that you can always rely on Club Penguin Agents to bring you 100% accurate cheats!  Like I said, why would Club Penguin have posted it in the newspaper last week, which would be almost 3 weeks early? ;-]

Club Penguin Easter Party Cancelled? NOPE!



Syka said...

Never doubted ya for a second! =D

Doom Jim123 said...

I mentioned the Easter Party on my blog and like so many people were like it isn't coming! I was like you know what, I will laugh in your face when it comes!

bluehero said...

Yup! You Got It Right Slidoo!