Field-Ops #39 Cheats

Hey penguins!  Today another Club Penguin weekly Field-Operation has been released for EPF agents.  To begin, go to the EPF Command Room and click on the Field-Ops screen.
Now, you'll get this message on your screen:

In order to finish this week's Field-Op, you'll need to complete a short mini game.  This week's mini game is located at the Lodge Attic. Once you're there, walk up to where I am standing in this image:
Once you're there, your EPF spy phone will start ringing. Click on it to answer it.
Now click on "Engage" and your game will begin!  To play this game, you need to look to see the number in the bottom left corner. Then, when the blue light is coming around the scanner and is on that number, press the spacebar. You'll need to get it almost exactly on, and then you need to do this a few more times, but each round will get harder.
When you've completed this week's assignment, you'll get one medal which you can spend on the Elite Gear. Also, you'll get a message from Herbert:

(You discovered a letter from Herbert.)

"Protobot! Those cursed agents are still a step ahead of us. Be more careful where you're hiding your messages.

Don't do ANYTHING until we have a plan. Let's wait until the next noisy celebration to strike!" 

I think this is a pretty cool Field-Op but it is a bit hard, and will be especially hard for Club Penguin's younger players!  What are your thoughts?


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bluehero said...

Yep. Its That Game That Happened With A Another Field-Op Before!