Slidoo's Egg Hunt - Win a Free Membership!

This Club Penguin Membership contest is closing at 5:15 EST today, so hurry and enter!


Some of you may remember my candy hunt at Halloween!  This month, for Easter, I will be doing something very similar, only with eggs!
Around this website, there are 8 eggs hidden.  Each egg is painted with one letter on it!  Here is an example of what one of the eggs will look like (this egg is not an official egg hunt egg, so it has a number instead of a letter):

You will have to search for, and find all 8 eggs. Once you have found all of the eggs, you will need to arrange all 8 letters to make one 8 letter word.  Remember, you cannot tell anyone where any of the eggs are, or what the 8 letter word is, or neither you or the penguins you told will be eligible for the win!  I will not be giving any hints, so please don't even waste your time asking me for a hint!  On April 25th, I will do a draw with all of the winner's names, and one of them will win a free Club Penguin membership!

Once you have found all the eggs, click here to enter the draw for the prize!

Good luck to everyone who searches for the eggs and enters in the contest!



Anonymous said...

This is hard!

Anonymous said...

I found all the eggs in this website... It is quite easy, but I got frustrated when I cannot find some of them. But I got it, I did not give up, I continued looking for all yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Does the example egg count?

toooooo said...


Syka said...

Grr, I found em all, but I can't unscramble them!