EPF Message From Dot

Hey Penguins!

Agents, if you check your Spy Phones, you will notice that Dot has sent a message - 

The message says - "Hey everyone. G and I have been working on a major surprise that's coming soon. Here's a hint - start saving your medals."

Sounds like some new EPF Gear is coming soon. I think this new EPF Gear will be better than all the other sets. Comment on this post and let us know which EPF Gear you like best. Also let us know what sort of EPF Gear you would like to see.

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author 


Syka--STOP ANIMAL ABUSE! said...

Slidoo, HOW CAN I GET ONE OF YOUR ANTI-ANIMAL ABUSE WIDGETS? I think what you are doing is TOTALLY AWESOME and I'm starting an e-mail chain about McDonalds' unethical method! (I'm totally against them anyway, so I'm not turning away from a favorite resteraunt. If I was on a deserted island with no food and saw a McDonalds, I would not eat there.) Anyone who has other ideas to make McDOnalds' cruelty known please comment! Otherwise comment at my site, you can find it in Slidoo's big blogroll. WE NEED TO MAKE PEOPLE AWARE! STOP ANIMAL ABUSE!

Anonymous said...

I didn't make them, you can find them on http://PETAKids.com

slippeestars said...

lol yes you are a nugget! lol i dont see how thats animal abuse, its the daily food chain people eat chicken - _- , Or are you talking about how they cut heads of chicken in a big machine because when my bro tells me that i start laughing because like cutting heads of chickens........................he thinks ill get grossed out but it makes me laugh

slippeestars said...

id have to say the medieval party would be the best its just plain old cool. at leat cp kept this old party i love pretending to be a young penguin back then and delevering a package to the princess like in zelda or be a night and set out on a quest, the party is good for people with big emaginations and every year cp adds on to it so thats cool new iteams every year in the quests as well