Club Penguin - Treasure Book Viewing Glitch

Hey penguins!

Today, I decided to go view some Treasure Books, so I could decide which series I should get at the store, when I noticed a glitch. I was looking at the various books, and I noticed Club Penguin had not added series 13 to the view list!

Take a look:

Weird right? This may be a bit aggrevating to some Club Penguin players, because some may not know by memory what items are in the series 13 Treasure Book. What do you guys think? Could this be a problem? Let us know in a comment!

-Josh29- CP Agents Author

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Derek915 said...

I think It's weird. It's a problom I think because you might not be able to unlock treasure book #13 anymore!NO
Anyways I will Coment on everything you write now!
~Derek915 owner of