Reviewed By You: Animals

Hello fello Penguins! Coolman12743 here with the new Reviewed By You, which this week happens to be about animals. ;-) So last week, Club Penguin asked us what our favorite room for the April Fools Party was, and the winner room was the Stair Dimension. Here's what Arctic293 said:

"Hmm... that's a tough one. Well, I'd have to say the Stair Dimension, because it is fun and my penguin gets to walk upside down and dance upside down as well!! waddle on cp!!"

Nice Job Arctic293!

Now for this week's Reviewed By You, the subject is animals. So for the Earth Day Party, we'll be celebrating animals and their natural habitats. And like all of us, Club Penguin wants to help protect the environment and endangered animals like the Snow Leopard (Above). So now, Club Penguin wants to know: What is your favorite animal, and what do you like best about it?
I like the wolf the best and I have no reason. =P What is your favourite animal?

Anyway, that's all for now!
-Coolman12743 & Slidoo

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Anonymous said...

ive realised a new thing you have dont know what to call it the one that says 'help slidoo stop animal abuse' well ive played the games super chick sisters 1 and 2 and its funny but also raises arwerness especially in super chick sisters 2