ULTIMATE Rockhopper Tracker 2011!

Hello penguins!

As most of you know, Rockhopper will be returning to the island on April 21st. As usual, the Club Penguin Agents staff will be tracking him! However, this time, I am teaming up with one of my friends, named Josh29! We will be setting up the ULTIMATE Rockhopper tracker. We will be using my chat to track together! We will each have different trackers on our blogs, that way, if I am offline, you can still check Josh29's blog for the location!  You'll be able to access our Rockhopper chat from both blogs.  It sounds like fun, doesn't it? Well, it will be, but to make it the most enjoyable that it can be you must follow just a few rules!

1. Do not post a FAKE location
2. Do not shout "WHERE IS ROCKHOPPER!?!?" a million times!
3. Obey all the basic chat rules! They can be found below my chat, click here to go there.
                    Server: Read Scrolling Text         Server: Offline                            Server: Offline
                    Room: Read Scrolling Text          Room: Offline                             Room: Offline

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After Rockhopper has left, if our tracker is successful, Josh29 and I might even have a party, celebrating our success! Make sure you come here daily and help us track Rockhopper!


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