Club Penguin Times Issue 287

June17 here! A new edition of the Club Penguin Times is here with their 287th issue. The topics for this week's newspaper is on Earth Day and Norman Swarm at the Stage.

The Earth Day Party isn't for another week and penguins around the island are getting ready. Clothing Designers are working on something special. One said their working on two costumes, a Snow Leopard and African Painted Dog. There will be some rare adventures during the party said another penguin. Remember, Earth Day is on April 21!
Norman Swarm has been Transformed is back at the Stage! Like last time, the hidden room is back and with a new pin to find. You would have to work as a team to uncover the hidden room. This fun and awesome play is now at the Stage and make sure to go there to check it out!
Here are the upcoming events:

April 21: Earth Day Party, Easter Scavenger Hunt and Rockhopper Arrives

April 26: New Stamps for Pizzatron 3000 and Ice Fishing

That is it for this week's newspaper.

-June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

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