Rockhopper is Back!

June17 here! As you might of seen in the telescope up on the Beacon, Rockhopper is on his way back to the Club Penguin Island. He had finally made it and with him is a bunch of new stuff you can buy.Every time Rockhopper comes to CP, he always brings with him a few couple of new items for us to buy. Now here are the new items he brought: Island Grove Background(Free), Hanging Moss, Mossy Log and Boiling Cauldron. There is also one hidden item which is the Island Trinkets.
Here is Rockhopper's "to do list":

  • Reuse me cream soda bottles.
  • Water me plants!
  • Sing with swamp frogs!
  • Recycle snow with me mateys.
-June17, CPA Author

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