Club Penguin Email from Happy77!

Update - for those of you who think my earlier post about my computer burning was a joke, I am being 100% serious. I will not be online for the next few days/weeks because my laptop starts burning on the inside after being plugged in for about half an hour. I will try to get it fixed as soon as possible, and once in a while it still works, but expect less posts from me in the next little while.

Hello penguins!  Today I received an email from my friend at Club Penguin, Happy77!  It was another new Club Penguin newsletter, kind of.  Instead of being a newsletter, it was labeled as an "Exclusive Sneak Peek".  Take a look at what the email said:
Wow!  Yet ANOTHER new game on Club Penguin coming this month?  I hope it's a good one!  Also, that item looks pretty cool... It also looks like the Blue Lei might be coming back.  I also can't wait for these new puffle accessories! What are you looking forward to MOST this month on Club Penguin?



Anonymous said...

Can everyone get this email or is it to certain CP bloggers?

Syka said...

to everyone: had huge storms and 2 tornadoes in area,no power. Im okay, no damage to house. don't know when I can get back on computer. Don't expect me active for a while. Typing on ipod @ local chick-fil-a. bye

Anonymous said...

hmm dont you think its kinda wierd that clubpenguin are going too much educational with time and numbers in the new games personally i dont like them

slippeestars said...

hopefully the blue lei wont come back it would make those rare penguins sad and mad i mean i wouldnt want them to bring back somebreros ;)