Better Igloos April 2011 Cheats

Hello penguins,

Today a new Club Penguin Better Igloos catalog was released. This catalog contains furniture for members to purchase and add to their igloos!  Let's look at this catalog's cover:
Just like in every other Club Penguin catalog, there are hidden items that you have to find in each catalog.  Let's look at the secret items on the first page of new items:
On this page, click on the flower and rock that I have circled in the image above and you'll get some hidden items for your igloo.

Now, moving on to the next page:
On this page, which is the last page containing new items, click on the piece of the Picket Fence, and the carrot that I have circled in the image above, and you'll get some more hidden items.

I hope you enjoy this catalog! I think it is pretty decent, but there are only a few actually new items, a lot of them are older items that have returned. Leave a comment with your opinions!


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