Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed Returns

Hello penguins,

Today, Club Penguin's Stage production, Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed, has returned to the Stage!  Usually, Stage productions only have one room, but unlike the others, this one has two.  First let's take a look at the set:
When you and enough penguins stand on the circles made of stones in the ground, near the watering can, a secret room will open up. However, at least ONE penguin MUST be wearing a bug costume!
Now, once you walk down those hidden stairs, you'll be in the second Stage room.
Once again, in this room, you need to get enough penguins to help you stand on the circular rocks and then, the giant treasure chest will open up, revealing a prize! Just like last time, at least one penguin needs to be wearing a bug costume.

Inside the chest is the Quartz Pin!
Congratulations, you now have the newest Club Penguin pin, the Quartz Pin! Let me know what you think of this play by leaving a comment.


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Syka said...

One word: AWFUL! CP did a terrible job with the updates.
1. The music is still from Squidzoid.
2. The script lines are all jumbled up and make NO sense.
3. When entering the secret stage room, the screen says "Loading Desert Dimension." Hmm...
4. It took them forever to actually release them even though they are bad and of poor quality.
5. It is Thursday and still no new Fail-Op. (not that I'm excited for it or anything.)
Club Penguin's staff has become extremely slow and lazy. I still enjoy playing the game, but I may change my opinion in the near future! >=/