Easter Scavenger Hunt Cheats

Note - Images will be added later today.

Hello penguins!  The exciting Easter Egg hunt has begun today!  To begin the scavenger hunt, you'll need to click on the egg in the top right hand corner of the Club Penguin screen.

Then, this screen will come up:

Once you've started the hunt, you need to find the eggs!  The first egg is located at the Dojo, in Sensei's tree.

The second egg is located behind a rock at the Dock!

The third egg is located at the Forest.  It is near the chat bubble at the bottom, behind a rock!

The fourth egg is behind the life guard chair, at the underground Pool!

The fifth egg is in the community tree, at the Mine Shack (outside!)

The sixth egg is behind the couches, ontop of the table inside the Lodge Attic!

You're almost done!  The seventh egg is on top of the Ski Hill!  It's hard to miss!

The eighth and final egg is at the Snow Forts, but first you need to start making it snow, by throwing snowballs into the giant funnel.
Now the egg will come out from behind some snow and you're good to go!  Click "Claim Prize" on the screen that pops up and you'll win the Safari Background!  Congratulations!


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