We Found Gary!

*Scroll down for the Halloween Party cheats!*

Using the Club Penguin Cheat World tracker we have already found Gary the Gadget Guy LOTS of times!  You can access our tracker by CLICKING HERE!  We helped many people find Gary, including ME, which was my first time!  He has a NEW background, too!  Here are some photos from random times that we found him:
You can see Gary right in the middle, there!
There hs is again, near the middle, this time more clear!

There he is in the Haunted House!  He looks very smart, don't you think? ;-]

There we are again in the Haunted House!  Gary is talking about his 'detailed observations'. ;-)

There he is again, me right behind him! 

Take a look at his NEW background:
AWESOME new background!  That's really cool, in my opinion! 

Tell me, have YOU met Gary yet?  If not, or even if you HAVE but you wanna meet him again, then come over to our tracker!  You WILL find Gary, I'm sure of it!


jasfriend1 said...

In the Dark Chamber if you put night vision googles on it you can see the maze without a lantern

Fuzzy ShyIvy said...

I found him with the help of you... also you spelled HE wrong in your post you wrote hs XP

Anonymous said...